How ForexKings Joint Purchases Work?


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Jan 11, 2020
In our forum you have the opportunity to participate in joint purchases.

With the joint purchase you buy the product together with 9 other participants. Our focus for Joint Purchases is on tools that are available in the MQL Market.

You can recognize a joint purchase by the threat prefix "Joint Purchase".


As long as the joint purchase has not yet been completed, all registered users have access to this thread.

If you want to participate in a joint purchase, please click on the "Like" button at the bottom right of the first post.


As soon as the post has received 10 (or more) "likes", a campaign for the joint purchase will be created.

You can find all ongoing campaigns in our MQL Tools section.

In the campaign you can click on the "Donate" button to deposit your part of costs. We currently accept payments via PayPal or credit cards.


You have two weeks to pay your part. Please respect the other participants and make a prompt payment.

As soon as all participants have paid their share, the campaign is closed.

The product is posted in the thread for the participants to download.

The campaign thread is also closed. Only the participants have access.

You can recognize a closed joint purchase by the thread prefix "Private Group":

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D-J-A-N-G-O. The D Is Silent.
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Jan 11, 2020
In this post is a summary of the most common questions:

Do I need to be a premium member to particiapte in a joint purchase?

No, joint purchases are open to all registered members.

Why is the total price for a joint purchase higher than the original product price?

We always add a 10% surcharge to every joint purchase. This surcharge is used to cover the costs of the transaction fees. The rest is used for the maintenance of the forum.

Can I use the product on any computer / VPS?

MQL tools always need activation. If you use a DigitalForex VPS, the tool will be activated automatically and you can use it immediately. If you use a different VPS, the use on this VPS must be activated. You only need to activate the VPS once. After activation you can then use all other products (e.g. from other joint purchases in this forum) without restriction, too. You can find more information here: If you have participated in a join purchase, the first activation is free of charge for you. Just send a private message to the administrator.

What happens if I change my computer / VPS?

If you use a DigitalForex VPS, you can continue to use all products without any problems. If you use a different VPS or your home computer, you need a new activation. There is a one-time fee of $ 99 for activation.

Will I get a free activation with every group buy?

No, activation is free one time only. Each Forex tool that you buy will work on that VPS. So if you want to change the VPS, you need to pay the one-time fee of $ 99 for activation.

Can I add the tool to more than one VPS / home computer?

Yes. You can add the tool to every DigitalForex VPS with the ForexKings edition operating system. It works on every VPS, even if you are using more than one VPS. You can also use the tool on several VPS from other providers. However, activation is necessary for this. Activation is included in the price. A $ 99 fee is required for each additional activation.

Which version will be bought? What about the updates?

We always buy the latest version. The purchase also includes free updates for life. The updates will be made available in the thread shortly after publication.

I missed the group purchase. Can I join the closed group later?

After a joint purchase is successful, the thread is closed. Only the participants in the joint purchase can view the content of the thread. However, if you want to access the thread later, this is also possible. The entry price is 50% more than the original part during the group buy. Please contact to the administrator (Django) if you whish to enter a closed thread.

I donated for a joint purchase but I want to cancel it. Is that possible?

No, unfortunately it's not possible to refund a donation.

Which version will be purchased in a group buy?

We will always use the donations to buy the full version. We do not use the collected donations to rent Forex tools unless all participants agree.

When will the product be delivered after a joint purchase has been successful?

Unfortunately, money transfers through credit card payments are not possible instantly. Products are therefore made available the first Monday after the completion of the joint purchase.

I liked a post to participate but I don't make a payment can I access the thread after it is closed?

Yes, you can. In this case, the entry price is 50% more than the original part during the group buy, too. Please contact to the administrator (Django) if you whish to enter a closed thread. Due to the fact that you already liked the post, no discount can be granted.
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